Cheryl M. Jorgensen, Ph.D. - Inclusive Education Consulting
Conferences and Professional Development
I provide whole school and district professional development, as well as state and national conference keynotes and break-out sessions using creative and active adult-learning methods. Topics on which I present include:
  • Rationale for Inclusion
  • Best Practices in Inclusive Education

  • Creating Student-Led "Circles of Support"
  • Strategies for Increasing Students’ Participation and Learning of the General Education Curriculum

  • Common Core State Standards and Universal Design for Learning PLUS
  • Facilitating Social Relationships
  • Changing Roles of General and Special Educators
  • Differentiated Instruction/Universal Design
  • Curriculum Modification and Creation of Accessible Instructional Materials
  • Use of Technology to Enhance Participation and Learning
  • Inquiry-Based Instructional Planning Using “Essential Questions”
  • Writing Standards Based IEPs
Fees and other information available on request.
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